“What triggers the creative mind, in art as in literature, is not just the will to transmit the energy of ideas, but also a desire to engage physically with certain issues and objects.”

Orhan Pamuk

Shahnish: A Prespective

Shahnish is a Farsi word used both in Turkish (şahniş) and Greek (σαχνίσι). It denotes a prominent feature in Ottoman timber frame architecture whose English equivalent would be oriel- or bay window A shahnish is a projection jettied out from the floor or supported by corbels on the façade, typically multiple and asymmetric in design. It obviously expands the often confined living area of Ottoman houses but it more importantly preserves the privacy of the occupants without depriving them from a multiangled view of the public outside.

www.shahnish.com is a web site promoting our private initiative to study, conserve and repair listed Ottoman timber buildings in Istanbul.